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You’re Contagious!

30 Mar

You’re Contagious!
Whether or not you choose to believe it, you are contagious.
Have you ever stopped to notice that by comparison, we often act differently when we are completely by ourselves than we do when others are present?
Most of us, when we’re alone, will talk to ourselves while we work or play.
However, as human beings, we tend to go along with the crowd. If we are at a sporting event where the crowd is being quiet, we will likely also remain quiet. If suddenly the crowd cheers, we join the outburst of accolades. When the crowd boo’s, we join in the uncomplimentary noise. We find comfort in the majority flow of emotion, and are somewhat uncomfortable going against the flow.
Consider, however, that whenever a change in the crowd’s demeanor happens, someone had to be first to affect that change and the rest joined if they agreed with the action. More often than not, that first person is someone who doesn’t really care what others might think of their actions.
That is a power that we should harness for good! We should choose to be contagious. Sometime today, and tomorrow, and every day after for the rest of our life, we will encounter opportunities to effect a change in the people that surround us. For example:
Smile at someone, especially if they are not smiling, or seem to be downhearted.
If you’re in the checkout line at the store with a loaded buggy and someone with only a handful of items gets behind you, offer to let them go first . . . with a smile.
Do you know someone elderly in your neighborhood that seems to be always alone? Invite them to dinner. If they cannot drive, offer to take them where they need to go. Listen to their stories.
You will be amazed at the change that happens around you when you exude happiness. Your positive attitude will be contagious, and wherever you go, you will leave a trail of better moods in your wake. For some with whom you share a smile, theirs will be short lived. Others will be so affected that they in turn affect those who you may never come in contact with. They will become contagious, because they caught what you have; Joy!
Here’s the best part; as you remain consistent, always sharing a smile and positive attitude wherever you go, the people you encounter from time to time will remember you. They will expect your joyous effervescence, and will be ready to offer some of their own joy back to you. They may even beat you to the smile. 8^D
Keep on casting your bread on the waters, and it will come back to you, in good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over. Change your world, one smile at a time.